One-to-one Training and Consulting

This training course is now available online. Please visit our online courses page for more details.

Spectacle can offer one-to-one video-production, video-editing and filmmaking training by appointment. During a one-to-one session we can teach any of the skills covered in our group courses, at a time and to a schedule that suits you. Or we can consult on any aspect of your production or post-production (editing) process. 

Our one-to-one training is particularly popular with business and marketing professionals looking for efficient support in expanding into video production, and with aspiring documentary filmmakers working on a first or early film project. After a session, we can offer ongoing support and consulting. Having said that, we are happy to teach anyone on an individual basis, whatever your reason for choosing one-to-one training. 

Despite being called one-to-one training we allow up to 3 people to attend, with no additional cost for one extra participant, and a small surcharge for a second additional attendee. 

It is easy to find courses that teach you how to operate cameras and use Final Cut Pro software, but there is more to filmmaking than just learning how to use equipment and software. Our one-to-one training is uniquely bespoke, we will discuss with you exactly what you need to cover and plan a course to suit you. We see one-to-one training as something of a hybrid option; part training, part mentoring, part technical support, part consultancy- tailored to your personal needs.

Advantages of One-to-one Training

You can work on your own film project as you learn.

You can even work on your own laptop.

Flexibilty: you can book sessions by the hour as and when you need them. As many or as few as you need.

You can get the advice you need when you need it.

We can also offer a data back up service.

Topics we can cover

Advice on shooting to edit, suitable filming equipment, technical concerns, editing, organising post production, budgeting, use of archives, research, copyrights, mutlicamera shoots, sound recording, use of sound. work flows, codecs, uploading on-line, buying equipment.

Anything you want to cover that helps you on your project!


One-to-one training and Bespoke courses can be arranged to suit participants at any experience level.


One-to-one tuition - contrary to the name - is available for one to three people. You can choose to bring a friend or colleague at no extra cost or pay a little bit more to bring two people.

If you're interested in taking the course but can't make any of the dates listed, please get in touch. We may be able to schedule additional dates if we receive sufficient interest.

You can also look at the dates of all our different courses on our course Calendar


£75 per hour for one or two people

£105 for three people

For information on the payment methods we accept, please click here.

To arrange training for a group of more than three, please see our bespoke group course page.


To discuss your specific needs, get a quote and book, please email


One-to-one training and bespoke group courses can be arranged at our premises, or yours.

Unit 25 Battersea Business Centre, 99-109 Lavender Hill, SW11 5QL.

Detailed travel instructions are included in our FAQs and will be sent to all enrolled participants on booking and a week before the course begins.