Participatory Video Workshops and Projects

Spectacle specialises in facilitating Participatory Video (PV) workshops aiming to give participants the tools to speak for and among themselves through video.

We approach filmmaking collaboratively and use workshops to share skills, responsibility, and authorship. Spectacle’s PV process is based on workshops in which group members build technical competence, gain confidence in their creative inputs, control the editorial process, and share ownership of the final film.  

For over 40 years we have collaborated on participatory video projects with community groups, educational institutions including schools and universities, academics, researchers, NGOs, local councils, cultural institutions, and museums.

Our participatory video workshops can adapt to the nature and duration of any project. From research to outreach, from documenting to pure filmmaking strategy, working with existing groups or creating new ones, we can lead, facilitate, or just assist your project. 

Spectacle’s Distinctive Participatory Approach

Consensus and Inclusivity

Our workshops are non-hierarchical and inclusive in approach. All filmmaking decisions are made by consensus to avoid the dominance of loud voices or the exclusion of marginal ones.

Spectacle’s PV model highlights meaningful participation by ensuring that no one in the group feels left behind or sidelined and working to put all participants in a position to collaborate equally in the production.

Participatory Editing 

Spectacle workshops emphasise shared authorship through participatory editing. Our workshops are designed to give participants the tools to make editorial decisions and be equal directors of their final film. 

This process is very adaptable and has proved to work both in person or remotely. 

Longitudinal Documentation

Spectacle’s method is distinctive for our long term commitment to documenting local issues and for establishing community based video groups that have lasted for decades. 

  • East London (Despite TV 1981-1992)
  • SE London (Silwood Video Group 2001-present) 
  • Rostock (Jako Co-operative 1992-97) 
  • Brussels (PTTL Video Group 2000-present) 
  • Luton (Exodus 1994-present)
  • Battersea (1994-present)

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